Wednesday, July 20, 2011

my funny family.

my family, at times is what i might call dysfunctional. {but no more dysfunctional than any other family} still, even at times when one would least expect it we're actually quite hysterical. {though it's usually without trying to be.} not long into our weekend trip to bear lake i started writing down all the silly things that were said that honestly made me laugh out loud. i wonder it will be as funny to you as they were to me?

woman#1: you should get him $2 ikea shelves.

woman #2: how much do the shelves cost?

(sign saying: 'bear lake realty')

girl: bear lake reality!

me: come on 'say!'

seth: my name isn't say, it's seth!

kiera: (running up from behind me) my name isn't kiera!

boy: we rode our bikes down that road yesterday.

girl #1: i thought that sign said, 'no motorized vehicles?'

girl #2: (irritated) a bike isn't motorized.


Heidi said...

Just so you know - your blog always makes me so happy - pretty words, happy fridayness, and cute stories! Thanks for sharing with the world! :)

aleisha said...

thank you so much heidi! sometimes i think i'm just talking to myself, rambling endlessly on my blog so i really appreciate that! you're a gem!