Sunday, June 19, 2011

so many things.

so many things i want to say

but no way to get through to you

the pain, the heartache, the worry you have caused.

i'd like to tell you of the countless nights

crying myself to sleep

praying to god , i don't know how much more i can take.

the stress of hiding the truth

even in innocence, for fear of what you may think

or say.

these walls i build, to hide from the pain

waiting for someone to break them down

still always believing everyone will leave,

just like you.

you say you love me

but do you really know what that truly means?

for if this is how you treat those you love...what's left for the rest?

some nights i feel broken, scarred, and forgotten

all of this

is because of you.


Edgy said...

Lovely post! I really like your blog, maybe you want to follow each other?

aleisha said...

thank you so much, i'm glad you found my blog! i'm following you! :)