Thursday, June 16, 2011

bad blogger & summer camp.

i have been really bad at blogging lately. by the time i get home from work i just don't really feel much like thinking long enough to write anything profound or important. just today i was thinking about how i have consistently had a job since i was fifteen years old. and, after all this time i have never had a forty hours a week job. and let me tell's exhausting! especially when my entire work day is spent trying to keep eleven 5-8 year old kids under control and entertained for 7 hours a day. don't get me wrong. it's definitely fun, but very tiring. so, i guess that's all i really have to say for now.

oh wait! one of my kids asked me yesterday if i had a husband. nope. then, he asked me if i had a boyfriend. nada. to which he replied that he thought that you should have a boyfriend by the time you're 16. yep, i failed that one. oh well. :)

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