Tuesday, May 17, 2011

mustache mugs.

yay for summer and time to craft my life away! one of my friends got married today and i wanted to get them a unique and fun wedding gift. due to my great ability to procrastinate i didn't go shopping until two hours before, but luckily i remembered a project i have been wanting to try out.

it seems that mustaches seem to be the next big thing for everyone in the blog world. i'm warming up to it i must say...matching 'his' and 'hers' mustache mugs.

the paint was drying literally until the last second when my ride pulled up. but, i finished just in the nik of time! thank goodness for my brothers exceptional sketching skills once again.

p.s. i got a job! i am no longer unemployed for the summer!


elise said...

LOVE. Someday when I get married, you can so make these for me. I'd be giddy.

Lauren and Carter said...

yay! glad you got a job! even though we miss you here. :)