Friday, April 1, 2011

to the world.

100th post! wowee, and in less than a year!

guess what? it's the weekend, which means i get to go home on a friday! this never happens. seriosuly. when i go home it's usually for less than 24 hours. so, this is kind of a big deal for me. and it's conference weekend! so happy! i was going through my 'wreck this journal' and found this little note i wrote during spring break...

to: the world - my hopes for life... love with all my heart. forgive, and forget. see the best in everyone. laugh until i cry. dance like no one is watching. see ALL beauty. dream, and then DO. serve to the best of my ability. create and inspire. develop my talents. take away all pain. speak my mind, not hide truth. stand for something important. LIVE life to the FULLEST with no regrets.

with love, aleisha.


Allison said...

I just love you!

erikA35 said...

those are wonderful goals and hopes....i want all those too! love you!