Saturday, March 12, 2011

never say never.

i feel like i should be ashamed that i just saw 'justin bieber: never say never'... for the second time. but, i'm not. and would it be completely ridiculous for me to admit that i had tears in my eyes more than once, literally laughed out loud, religiously sang the words and danced along to probably every single song? well, i did. sometimes i feel like i should behave more like a 21 year old adult...cuz that's what i am. but, then i think, 'what the heck!' it's much more exciting this way anyhow.

i have a confession to make though... i used to openly make fun of the baby biebs and refused to listen to his music. i said i would never stoop that low. { i clearly never should have said never. } that is until my 4 year old nephew started singing 'baby' and learning how to dance like the biebs. now, i secretly/not so secretly love all things justin bieber. especially after seeing 'never say never' the first time. now seeing it a second time has only solidified this for life. what can i say...i'm a tad bit weird. but that's ok by me.

my favorite biebs song of the moment..."love me"


elise said...

Bah! I've been meaning to get you the pictures.
I'm posting them on your facebook wall. Right now.

Meredith said...

i so want to see this. i don't know any of his songs but i do know that when he comes on t.v. the 11 year old in me smiles and giggles. i know right! never say never forever!! ;)

aleisha said...

oh you definitely should see it!