Saturday, February 5, 2011

surviving your blessings.

i love to read. in fact, i think i could easily consider this past time one of my favorite things to do. growing up i have never understood why so few people seem to enjoy reading for fun. although, trying to find the time to do so comes very far and few between for me, so i try to choose my books wisely. well the last book i read was nothing short of wonderful! it happens to be titled"surviving your blessings - learning to laugh in the face of life's storms" the moment i saw the title of the book i knew it was just perfect for me. and it got even better as i began reading. i love the author's writing style and how she shares her own experiences. it really helped me to connect with what she was trying to teach in her book. {i have to admit i wish i could write just a little bit more like her. :) } just to share some of the fabulous quotes from the book...

'where am i going? that's the great part; it's up to me!'

'we all leave our mark...people do the same thing to each other's lives. we leave telltale signs on each other, little imprints of our presence when passing through...the next time you have a chance to make an impact, make it a good one, a great one!'

'mourning with those that mourn is a good thing. comforting those in need of comfort is also essential to being a disciple. But it seems incomplete to me if we don't also rejoice with those who are rejoicing and cheer for those who are excelling...stand as witnesses to each other's lives.'

'...i just misjudged them all. didn't know them as well as i thought i did. apparently i couldn't tell didly from squat. that's what's so darned frustrating about mortality. eh? unpredictable. that's what's so great about mortality though, isn't it? the surprise? the unexpected blessings? i just have to learn not to trip over the blessings.'

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