Friday, February 25, 2011

friday happy list p.3.

i'm happy today because...

*two episodes of "pretty little liars" this week with allison.
*katie daw is comin' to logan.
*twizzle berry frozen yogurt.
*justin beiber with elise & natalie saturday.
*joshua radin.
*i'm getting another niece. now i can make ruffled onesies{!}
*the color yellow.
*homework. done.

*photos from weheartit.


elise said...

I've been dreaming of tomorrow for weeks! Also, I might be constantly singing "Somebody to Love." I'm not excited at all. ;)

aleisha said...

i know seriously, who would ever get excited about such a thing! yet secretly i've been making justin beiber ringtones. yes!

CourageToDream said...
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CourageToDream said...

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till then, keep spreading the happiness...