Saturday, January 15, 2011

what i love about...{1}

i'm going to start something new i would like to call,

what i love about...

so, i've been thinking long and hard about something i love and why. seeing as how this is me writing this, making decisions is rarely an easy task. this was certainly no exception because i had so many different things come to mind but i think i will start with...


ok seriously! who has seen this movie? or better yet...who hasn't seen this movie? i had heard very pleasant things about tangled from various friends but nothing could have prepared me for how much i LOVED it. for starters, zachary levi and mandy moore were delightful {but especially zachary}, the music was beautiful, the characters were comical, the story was magical, and through the whole movie i felt so happy! and then i left the movie...and still felt so happy. i quite enjoy movies, but it isn't very often that i honestly have no complaints about anything. 'tangled' left me completely and ridiculously satisfied. this movie is definitely going in my top 5 favorites. if you have seen it then you can understand...if you haven't, go see it... and invite me along! ;)

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