Tuesday, December 28, 2010

good men.

i don't know about the rest of you but i have always felt like good men are especially hard to find in this world. i'm not even referring to men i would want to date, just good, honest, responsible, RESPECTFUL men in general. yet why is this? is it just me feeling this way or are they really in such short supply? maybe i shouldn't be expressing these feelings into the world, yet it really seems to be puzzling me quite often. in all the old black & white movies i love to watch good men seem to be the only men out there! well, either way i guess i would just like to thank the good guys that really are out there. like to the neighbor who volunteers to give a blessing to my sick roommate, the younger brother who stays late when he has other plans to help clean up after a family party, and the stranger who says 'hello' like he really cares to know while actually holding the door open for you. to these good men, thank you!

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Lauren and Carter said...

Maybe if you sat and thought about it, you'd come up with more. Tyler is a good man! for example. Perhaps it's just easier to remember the negative instances rather than the positive. :) There are good men out there, but they might express it differently than they do on the old movies, so it does make it harder to spot them in a crowd. :) And even though you are not necessarily referring to dating men - they exist too. Promise!