Wednesday, December 8, 2010

23 is awesome.

so, i have been wanting to post this for awhile, but i never seem to make time for writing it up. anyway, for ward prayer a couple weeks ago me and my roommates were asked to introduce our apartment. and of course being an apartment of girls who are really children at heart we decided to write a song! {3 of us play guitar, and the other 3 have been trying to learn : )} the song we came up with goes to the tune of 'free falling' by tom petty. i quite like the way it turned out. it's been quite an entertaining year with this bunch of roommates. between fist fights, locking each other out of the apartment, over-achieving {but adorable} craftiness and decorating, late night guitar sessions, children's book reading, allison's daily baking treats, slurpee's at 7-11, hot chocolate on the quad, broken kitchen sinks, and countless time spent watching whole seasons of hilarious tv shows in a week; this has been quite the eventful semester. which is sad because carina and katie will be graduating and moving out at the end of the semester. hopefully our two new roommates can appreciate how awesome our apartment always is.

23 is awesome.
{written by aleisha, rachel, katie, allison, carina, & amanda}

there's aleisha.
aleisha and rachel.
they're cousins, and best friends too.
aleisha likes taking pictures. and rachel loves to win.

23 is awesome.
23 is awesome.

there's amanda.
amanda and carina.
they work the phonathon, and they're never home.
amanda gives us dating lessons.
and carina writes a missionary.

she ain't free...james lafferty.
23 james lafferty.

there's allison.
allison and katie.
they're twinners and curly hair.
they've got picture books up to the ceiling.
they're gonna be teachers, in a real classroom.

23 is awesome.
23 is awesome.

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