Friday, October 8, 2010

mender of the broken pieces.

my mother is like a sewing machine.
she is always fixing things,
making them better than they ever were.
she starts with a simple piece of fabric
and makes it more beautiful.
and so it is in my family,
she picks up the pieces when things are falling apart
and she sews them back together,
giving new life to what was once broken
and torn apart.
if you aren't careful her needle may poke you
when her heart is pushed too far
she needs a break from fixing your problems
once in a while,
but mostly she will mend your broken heart
when you need her most.

I wrote this poem in my English class during my junior year of high school. We were assigned to take an object that we felt could represent someone and write a poem about them. My mom is a great seamstress and so I picked the sewing machine and my mom. It just so happens that yesterday was my mom's birthday too, Happy Birthday Mom!

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ruth said...

I love this poem Aleisha and I love you too.