Sunday, August 22, 2010

rocks, mountains, and flat tires.

friday was a 'terrible, rotten, no good, very bad day.' actually, no it wasn't that bad. although a seemingly ordinary day turned into quite an eventful day. now i don't usually blog on my day-to-day life. but, seeing as how i'm growing up and experiencing things i haven't before i thought i would first flat tire on my way to go camping with the family. just last week i was talking to some friends about how i had never had a flat tire and if i ever did i would have no idea what to do. well, unknowingly at the time i found out what i would do on aaa. and then snap some pictures to document this new experience of course!

well, 3 1/2 hours later i was finally back on the road to go camping with my family. of course my camera batteries died on the trip so i was forced to take all my pictures with my phone camera so the quality isn't so great but it turned out to be quite an awesome adventure. oh how i love camping...and my family!

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