Thursday, June 17, 2010

You Make My Dreams

oh how i love summertime! something about blue skies, freshly cut grass, birds chirping in the tree branches, and eating ice cream just makes me so happy!

one of my favorite "hobbies" regardless of the season is browsing the internet for musicians and bands, usually ones that no one has heard of. and i've got to say that usually those are the best musicians out there. the ones with real talent. not 12 year old boys singing about love. (that one still doesn't make sense to me...think of a name that rhymes with fiber : ) the last two summers me and my friend emily have shared these wonderful artists with each other to fill our summers with awesome music. so here are a few of my favorite songs i have found this summer. i also think i should add that in any normal social situation i would find guys with skinny jeans, awful haircuts, tattoos, and way too much scruff - lazy and not attractive. yet, when a guy picks up a guitar and sings, somehow they become a lot cuter! i still can't figure that one out yet either.

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