Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Why I'm Grateful...

Why I'm grateful for photography...

I've never been good with words so I guess that's why art has always affected me so much. Anyone who has been around me a lot knows that me and my camera are inseparable, for as long as I can remember I have taken my camera almost literally everywhere. Photography is my passion, it's what brings me joy, it is my escape when I want to avoid homework, need a break from work or just see something beautiful I want to remember.I guess we all need something that makes us feel that way and that is what photography is for me. Even though I'm certainly no pro that's OK because this is something I do for me, and if others like it as well, great! And if not I guess that's alright too. So in honor of Thanksgiving tomorrow, in no particular order here are some reason's why I'm grateful for photography.
I'm sure I'll think of plenty more later but for now this will have to do.

1} You can capture moments FOREVER!

2} There's something about the click my camera makes when I take a picture that I love.

3} I can capture God's beauty in a way most people don't see.

4} Some people write in a journal...I take pictures.

5} I am able to notice the beauty even in the small, ordinary things in life and nature.

6} It is truly the easiest way for me to avoid homework. {Which can be a good thing : )} Whether I'm taking pictures, looking at others pictures or editing.

7} Everything looks better through the camera lens...I can focus on the beauty in that one small moment.

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